Using the Online Adoption site

4 minute video - click play.

AngelWeb allows you to publish an online adoption site for your Corps.

  • Each Corps can enable or disable online adoption from the setup pages in AngelWeb
  • The Corps Code becomes the starting place for public adoption
  • Start here: (to select a Corps Code)
  • Start here: your Corps Code)
  • One approach is to give this site just to your corporate sponsors.
  • If you have a manned mall location, you can let them setup sponsors with a laptop or tablet after someone selects a tag.
  • You can print the URL on the angel tag for folks to register themselves.
  • Develop a strategy for managing how many angels are available online and how many are assigned to each mall location.
    Assign a block of Angel Tags to each Mall location (create a sponsor record)
    Monitor the progress of sponsor and online adoption and move unadopted Angels between Mall Locations (print tags) or make available to online adoption by removing them from a Mall/Sponsor.
  • Print angel tags by sponsor, add or remove tags to Mall sponsors and print in batches.

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