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AngelWeb Client Appointment / toy pickup setup.

  • How to setup Angel Appointments
  • Click on the 0 record and change the date and time if needed.
  • Click on the 20000 record and delete it
  • Click on add a range of new appointments and enter the same date.
    The starting time will be the NEXT time slot.
    For example, if you are starting at 9 AM and doing appointments every 15 minutes,
    the '0' record already has 9 AM,
    For the beginning of the range, you would select 9:15
  • For the ending time, set it to the last time you want clients to come in.
    Select 4:00 PM in this example.
  • In this example, we want to do 20 appointments every 15 minutes
    Set the assign number would be 21 (which is 1 more than the first 20 in the '0' record
  • Set the number per block to 20
  • Click Generate.
  • Doing the math on this:
    15 minute blocks = 4 per hour
    Appointment times 9 AM to 4 PM with no break for lunch = 7 hours
    7 hours (x) 4 appointment times per hour = 28 appointment blocks.
    20 appointments per block (x) 28 = 560 applications/families can be seen in this setup.
    Adjust this up or down or across days as needed.
    If you are doing multiple ranges (morning and evening or multiple days)
    you can see how many are already assigned by looking towards the bottom of the range screen:
    Corps NameTypeHighest Appt. Nbr.

    So, for the next range, if the highest number assigned was 561, and you were doing 20 per block,
    then the starting number would be 571 for the next range of appointments
  • Review the appointments - click on 'Delete all of my appointments and start over' if needed
  • Add one additional record with a large number at the end - Click on 'Add a Single New Appointment'
    Fill in date, time 1700 = 5 PM, a large number like 20000,
    select a type of application, and a printed time like 05:00 PM
  • More details + screen shots:

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